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Monday, October 8, 2012

Hitting A Wall

I have been hitting a wall when it comes to blogging, so I am taking a blogging ecourse "Blogging Your Way Boot Camp" by Holly Becker. It is an online course and it started today. I have read all the materials and watched all the videos - I am ready to start my blogging!! The first week’s homework assignment is to write three (yes THREE) new blogs from a list of 10 choices. One of the choices was to blog about the course, well that was easy. The next few may be a little harder. I have chosen to write about the course I took last month – Advanced Revit (yes, I have concluded that I am a habitual student).  My last blog (for this week) will be about a custom pendant that I made for the Dream Room Competition I just participated in September (I came in third – more to follow). I have a feeling that each week will consist of writing many blogs (it is Boot Camp after all). I am spending this weekend in San Francisco and the following week I am flying to New York. These are two fabulous cities that will provide lots of design and blogging inspiration.  


Oh, the image above you ask? Yes, it is called “Bury Circle.”  I found an old Polaroid image from when I was four years old and created this artwork that now hangs in my living room. I did hit a wall that day many, many years ago (not injured) and I have it to remind me that some days are harder than others, but I can carry on.

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