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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Conventions, Conferences and Seminars - Oh My!!!

Sasaki adding my heartbeat to his mural.
 Mention conference, convention or seminar and most people’s eyes glaze over, however, Photoshop CS5 Power User Tour Seminar, PCBC Convention, and Dwell on Design Conference were all fun times for this interior designer!
 The Photoshop CS5 Seminar, presented by Dave Cross, was an interesting and informative seminar where I learned many comprehensive tips and tricks. The Content Aware fill feature is going to save me so much time over manually cloning and painting. Did you know if you drag a file from the Desktop onto the tab area the file will open? Another timesaver! I don’t know if I’ll ever use Puppet Warp; although, it is fun to say.

PCBC is one of the largest homebuilding tradeshows in the U.S. and the ideal setting to collect facts about today's market from homebuilding industry professionals. PCBC displayed a lot of new products for accessible bathrooms and showers for the aging in place population and I got plenty of new ideas and literature on these products. The best part of the show, however, was keynote speaker Guy Kawasaki, author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. He presented innovative ideas about marketing and I can’t wait to read his book.
Mosconi Center, San Francisco

Dwell on Design is a home and design expo centered on modern designs ranging from food, prefab, and crafts to products and architecture. Besides seeing and touching many fantastic modern designs, I had my heartbeat painted by Japanese artist Sasaki. Yes! Sasaki painted attendee’s heartbeats by attaching an electronic monitor to their finger and relaying the heartbeat over a speaker which he interprets and then paints onto a canvas using red paint. Sasaki was collecting donations for tsunami victims in Japan.

The Seed System designed by David Trubridge
 One of my favorite lighting displays was this Mini-Coral Kitset by David Trubridge. Lightweight and minimalist, but a big impact, this light is stunning.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Condo Project

The condo renovation is almost completed. The bathrooms were completely gutted and put back together. All the doors, base and trim have been replaced. The holes were patched in the walls and a fresh coat of paint in Pratt & Lambert’s Dove Feather applied. The kitchen cabinets, doors, and trim are painted in Pratt and Lambert Gig’s Grey which is a shade darker than the walls and looks fabulous.  I was originally going to replace the kitchen cabinets, but decided to refurbish the existing cabinets. Primer and several coats of semi-gloss paint did the trick and when we added the new hardware on the doors the transformation is complete. Wood floors went in today and the finishing touches, like new light fixtures and window coverings will complete the project at the end of the week.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Assisted Senior Living - "Dandelion Landing"

ALLIUM GREAT ROOM: Energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Carpet: Shaw carpet tiles in Casco Punch; Textiles: Architex Angela Adams Spike Punch and Architex Angela Adams Hazel Pinot Noir; Light fixture Moooi Dandelion Chandelier.

In the book Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, the wine is a metaphor for packing all of the joys of summer into a single bottle. Life is like a dandelion, after flowering is finished, the dandelion flower head dries out. The dried petals and stamens drop off, the bracts reflex, and the parachute ball opens into a full sphere. Finally, the seed-bearing parachutes expand and lift out and the parachutes lose their feathered structure and take on a fuzzy, cotton-like appearance, often called “dandelion snow.” Once landed, they sprout and the cycle continues.

Dandelion Wine is the inspiration for the design for Dandelion Landing, an assisted living facility. Although the occupants have parachuted to their final dwelling, all the joys of life remain. Incorporating the therapeutic value of colors, sunny citron embellishes the common areas increasing confidence and joy. The great room and gaming room are awash with red punch - an emotionally intense color stimulating circulation and alertness. The library bubbles in blue tonality lowering stress and promoting intellect. And rich chocolaty browns and neutral waves of wheat symbolizing orderliness and convention adorn the dining rooms. Modern furnishings, bold patterned textiles, coordinating flooring, exuberant lighting and geometric patterned wall coverings complement the sphere of a home filled with memories and wisdom


CELANDINE COFFEE SHOP: Joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. Carpet: Shaw carpet tiles in Haven Citron; Textiles: Architex Angela Adams Hazel Citron and Architex Angela Adams Munjoy Citron; Wallcovering; MDC Angela Adams Collection Casco.

PERENNIAL KNOWLEDGE CENTER: Trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence. Carpet: Shaw carpet tiles in Jimi Bluebird; Textiles: Architex Angela Adams Ivaloo Dusk and Architex Angela Adams Teddy Robins Egg; Wallcovering; MDC Angela Adams Collection Betty Suede.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hand Rendering - The Best Meditation

There are so many fancy ways to render on the computer, but the good old fashioned hand rendering is still the best. And on a raining day like today, there is no better form of meditation.