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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Morada Brewpub Thesis Project

 Adaptively reuse the old Morada Market to create and differentiate an inviting urban-contemporary microbrewery that departs from the dark, smoky, male-dominated stereotypical local tavern.


The restaurateur wants a design that revolves around a theme, but takes a subtle approach which gives diners a feel for what they are about to get, but leaves a little bit to the imagination — a trendy fine dining establishment with a relaxed casual chic vibe that may or may not be a brewpub. It feels sophisticated and futuristic, but homey and reminiscent of old world charm. The central design elements are organic, but geometric, pulling in the background of the building — a corner market — to evoke an authentic sense of place. The patrons should feel happy, relaxed and at ease, but excited as the fun environment draws them in.

Communal Dining Table

Loggia Dining


The design pulls inspiration from the very definition of morada — habitat and mulberry-colored; and the abundance of heritage oak trees in the area. Juxtaposing industrial elements with warm woods, geometric forms and shapes, and a color palette of graphite, violet, and fuchsia creates a textural enriching space. Steel elements are used abundantly in the brew house tanks, bar counter, casework and upward arching sculptures evoking a sense of excitement. Large sculptures with a narrow stem base fluting out into a conical umbrella made of rebar mimic the shape of an oak tree. Wood floors flank the lounge and dining areas providing a warm balance against the metal elements. Bright and patterned textiles cover the booths and benches, while oxblood faux leather on the barstools reminds that this is also a tavern. Large cylindrical glass pendants drip from the ceiling like pilsner glasses waiting to be filled by the craft beer brewed onsite.
Booth Dining

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Closed Loop" Tote Bags

Textile samples are one of my favorite things and when I had the opportunity to snatch up some discontinued samples destined for the landfill I decided to do a little recycling, reusing, and repurposing. Viola, "Closed Loop" Tote Bags where designed. Closed loop is a recycling term which describes the manufacture of a new object completely from the recycled material of earlier objects. Everyone needs a tote bag for groceries, lunches, or just junk. Each bag is unique and fun!! Last week at my Portfolio Show I gave away thirty bags and they were a big hit.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Portfolio Show

Frantically working on preparing my project for the Portfolio Show March 24th. My Thesis project is the Morada BrewPub. I have been working on it for six months now and I am so excited with the results. Please come and check out my work!!