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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rendering Styles



I am always rendering!! And someone asked me recently, “uh, what is rendering?” Rendering it is a drawing in perspective of a proposed structure. In art, it is the presentation, expression, or interpretation of an idea or concept. With my most recent project, I experimented with several different types of rendering techniques. The photorealistic rendering is created in Revit. I took this “photo” and applied many different techniques in Photoshop to create two distinct interpretations to express my concept. In my presentation I decided to use the conceptual rendering (last one). The project was to create an upscale corporate office for an architectural firm. I choose the architectural firm Snohetta, because the firm emphasizes the relationship between architecture and landscape in all its design processes and is strongly committed to teamwork through openness and transparency, all philosophies I embrace.

oil painting


As Snohetta takes its name from a snow covered mountain with high peaks and deep crevasses, my concept is to use crisp white veneers, upholstery and a refreshing cool glacial color palette coupled with earthy tones and amble daylighting fostering a sense of mountainous terrains. Interior glass curtain walls further punctuate an airy openness, while modern furnishings provide classic ambiance. 



My design includes a curvilinear reception desk “summit” with natural wood veneers for the base and white veneers for the glacier cap. In an avalanche of repetition, pendants in the lobby dangle like talus rappelling down the summit. A central gathering area is a pass through the ridge in a “lounge-based” work setting that host teams and technology in comfort. A bivy of teaming vignettes further encourages spontaneous, informal meetings for brainstorming and creativity. Marketing and Administrative staff share alcoves of versatile workspaces that readily adapt to an open plan facilitating easy communication. The timberline of privacy screens for the Production staff creates a focused environment for head-down work yet allows for moderate interaction between coworkers. Flexible conference components in the Training Room orienteer to varying group needs. Multimedia and interactive meetings in the elegant Conference Room accommodate a breadth of requirements like a pointed spire.