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Monday, November 16, 2009


I wallpapered two of the walls in the entry on Friday. It had mean about five years since I had wallpapered and now I remembered that it is fun, but a lot of work. Climbing up and down the ladder is literally a pain. Wallpaper adds a lot to a space. It gives it texture, color and a visual pattern. I choose a pattern that is a modern baroque with a gray background and silver print. I choose this fancy pattern to offset the stainless steel and marble finishes in the kitchen which have a smooth tactile appearance and although the wallpaper is smooth, the pattern adds just the right amount of texture. The silver color contrasts nicely with the wood floor.

Thank goodness Brian helped me. I would still be wallpapering if it weren't for him! Afterwards we were both pleased with our work and we had fun.

Interior Completed

The interior is completed and it looks beautiful. I am happy with the finishes selected and everything has come together nicely.


Landscaping should be completed this afternoon. Arrived at 7AM and placed all the plants around for Victor to plant. Gotta love that Stockton dirt! After about 20 minutes I had a inch of dirt stuck to my shoes and they weighed a ton!! Several yards of bark and decomposed granite were delivered and should be spread around and finished by this evening. I love the smell of fresh bark and the granite in place of gravel looks so nice. I am putting decomposed granite in the walkways in the backyard and on the utility sides of the house. It is softer and cheaper than concrete, but is just a durable for these purposes, plus it is an unexpected, but special touch.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wood floors have been installed and it looks wonderful. The fireplace is getting started this afternoon. Victor is tackling the landscaping. The appliances will be picked up tomorrow and carpet is scheduled for later this week. Whew, it is all coming together. I have to get busy with all the fun stuff - like wallcovering (entry), window coverings (wait till you see the drapery), mirrors and towel bars. It makes me happy.