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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Haunted Row House in NYC Scares Interior Designer - Really!!

kitchen: photo by me
(I don't think the rats are real?)

Interior Designers are always doing research - the latest products, latest techniques, latest codes, etc. But sometimes we have to go back in time to research by gone days. You may have seen my earlier post about the Victoiran restoration I have been collaborating on, so when I in New York City I visited the Merchant’s House Museum at the suggestion of my Facebook interior designer friend Jim Fairfax.

Parlor and Sitting Room: Photo courtesy of Merchant House Museum
The Merchant's House Museum, constructed in 1832, is a New York City and a National Historic Landmark.  It is also a member of the Historic House Trust of New York City. This row house is among the finest surviving examples of late-Federal and Greek Revival architecture. It remains virtually unchanged from the time when it was the home of the affluent 19th century merchant family of Seabury (1780-1865) and Eliza (1797-1882) Tredwell and their eight children.
This house is a historical gem in the midst of a developing East Village.  It is perfectly preserved as the Tredwell family left it when Gertrude died in 1933. If you're at all "sensitive" to ghosts this is a great place to visit.  It is also a great place to see how wealthy New York City residents lived in the early 20th century.

On the evening I visited, Dan Sturges, gave a lecture on his investigations into the paranormal activities of the home. Sturges talked and shared many stories about the numerous times he and his team conducted investigations.  Sturges claims Gertrude, the youngest daughter, haunts the upstairs bedroom.  Seabury, the master of the house, still walks the hallways at night.  Interestingly, the servants, Anne and Brigitte, continue to make their rounds.
Prior to the lecture, I had an opportunity to chat with Anthony Bellov, a board member, and I took a few pictures. After the lecture, I needed to use the restroom downstairs but I was too scared!!!

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