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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Design Contest

Crying is a good thing – right? I just finished a “good cry” because I completed my first board for the Design Contest. Yes, I am competing in the San Francisco Design Centers Student Career Forum Design Contest. I am doing the Art Gallery Contest. The criterion is to create a contemporary art gallery located in Sonoma County. The floor plan is provided and we do the space planning and finish selections. Last quarter this was our assignment for the Architectural Detailing Class. But I have been refining it for the past six weeks. Today I finished Board#2. This probably doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but for a perfectionist like me, it has been a BIG deal. Also, I am trying new things like using a mitered mat board, new types of glues, and rendering digitally. Hence, the big cry of relief this morning when I finished Board#2. Still after all these months of planning, things went wrong and the finished board is not in the least perfect. I figured out that I could work on it forever and it would never be “perfect”, so I am finished. A few labels are slighting skewed, some glue leaked out, and some of the mitered edges are a little wonky. I just hope it is good enough t win a prize. Oh by the way, I had planned on finishing Board #1 today as well, but the printers cut one of the transparency ¼” shorter than the others ….arghhhh

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