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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here are some of the finishes selected for Stanfield. The countertops are beautiful granite and marble. I know I am on a budget but I got these on a close out deal from a warehouse that gave them to me at cost. My years of nuturing my network has its benefits. The downstairs floors are all laminate wood. The wallpaper will go on two walls in the entry to just add a nice designer touch.

Larry Wray at Inland Paint mixed up my color selections and the painting is moving along. I visited the house today to check the progress, but when I started taking pictures the battery was dead!!! Darn!!! The tile work was also stared. More pics to come after the battery charges. I took intermediate AutoCad this last semester and practiced by drawing the floor plans and elevations for Stanfield. It was a good exercise measuring a real house and then translating it to paper. It also helps my carpenter and the other subs "visualize" my concepts. Oh, goody - UPS just delivered my wallpaper bolts.........................

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