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Sunday, November 13, 2011

My sister found an old book, Ladies Home Journal Book of Decorating, last published in 1959. Shethought I would enjoy it and sent it to me. When I first thumbed through thepages a few months ago, I thought it amusing as I looked at the images of whatappeared to be outdated room design. Yet, today, as I carefully read the pages,I realized that classic design never becomes outdated. Indeed, if I compared imagesin the book with any of the current design magazines filling my shelves, Icould easily find similar rooms. 
The advice in the book still holds true as well, start withthe flooring, have fun with textiles, don’t be afraid of bold and exciting color,and the right lighting is essential. But, one bit of advice that I did not find relevant! “…the glass ash tray in your casual room will be quite differentfrom the one in your formal room.” Too funny!!

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